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Jacked In

Jacked In

I don’t need to be on all the time
don’t wanna be
about 20 years ago … comdex toronto
at a Microsoft event
their vision was abhorrent to me and still is
online all the time … constantly jacked in
I thought to myself … not me, no way, no how, not ever
their vision is a reality for many 20 years later
our kids, the kids of our generation, look how jacked in they are
and their kids are getting it from them
phone, game console, computer, Ereaders
their kids will pass on the lessons learned to the grandchildren
the grandchildren to the great grandchildren
I appreciate how much easier it is for literature and ideas to be shared now
I’m far more techologically advanced than most and I do like it and I understand it
I like real books
books with texture and aroma
walking in to a used book store was kind of like walking in to a bakery for me
and it only fattened your mind
with good rich stories, discoveries of the world
I’m also metaphysically advanced
it won’t take many generations for that always on jacked in vision to be complete
I will not contribute to the jacked in mentality … I will rage against it
that’s just me

G.R. Hambley August 2014

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