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Our Journeys Path and Journeys End


Only the best Black Lab ever but I'm biased!

Only the best Black Lab ever but I’m biased!

Our Journeys Path

From you, I learned that love at first sight can be a true love
The first time I held you in my arms we were forever bound
You laid your head to my breast and knew that you were home
I knew I’d found an unreserved love, a forever love

We grew and matured together in so many different ways
Even when our wills did differ we never turned away
Neither took more than they gave in this affair of hearts
All you ever wanted was to just love me, and have me love you

So many paths we shared, so many adventures we had
Each and every new place we explored, we learned to love together
Each other off searching what we each needed ourselves to find
Even though roaming apart, we were always walking side by side

Others were not welcomed as we wound are way along
You and me, we both knew, those times were for us and us alone
Woods and streams and creatures wild, the only things allowed
Only they allowed to revel in how we shared their gifts

Time did what time does, slowed your steps, stole your strength
I had to keep going, find new places to explore alone
You were always there with me, in my eyes, my heart, my soul
Standing together with, against, anything nature gave

I prayed that there would be one decision I would never have to make
Prayed that God would spare me this, take you gently in your sleep
We both knew hanging on would have only hurt us more
Letting you go was so very hard, neither of us ever saw the end

I know you will for ever travel paths close at hand with me
I owe it to us to carry on and find new places that we’d love
The places discovered I know you will look down and share
No place will never be so glorious, until we’ve met again

I went down to stand upon “our” Bluffs this night, look upon “our” lake
As promised in the heart, there was one thing left for you from me
Yes I cried, as any hurting soul would have to do
I’ve never been so alone and lonely, standing there, missing you

G.R. Hambley 05/99 ©

I had to write “Our Journeys Path” while he was still with me. I feared I would not be able to write it when he left.

During spring it became very apparent that Clarence and I would not have much time left together on our journey. In honesty it came down to a couple hours, the decision had been made. He and I went down to the Bluffs in what I truly believed would be our last time there together. When we got down to the Bluffs a most amazing change took place in Clarence. It was as if he knew time was short and decided we would have one last summer in the sun. As you saw in “Journeys End” We almost made it.

Journeys End
for Clarence on the day he went a reprise to “Our Journey’s Path”

Where does one begin but at the very end
The credits roll, the curtain closes, the music fades away
Last scene played out with its own delicious irony

You did not go easily, fought against the road onto your next path
Brought to mind, words of tellers better than myself
Such desire to not leave this stage, to continue on in life

Held you close so that you would know love until the end
I lay my head on yours, that I may hear your last breath
When you left, you knew, you took away a piece of me for you

What goes with you, guides you through, is an endless love
You did go true, to not only you, but to me as well
I swear, I shall show the same when my own time draws near

Heaven has the loan of you, but only for a time
In return, those above will watch over you for me
Upon my time, we will be rejoined, to walk our path again

G.R. Hambley
August 16, 1999 ©


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