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That Me Day In Boston – Written in April 2014

That “ME” Day in Boston January 11, 2000

The plan for the day was to hoof it around in Boston for a bit then Red Line it up to Cambridge and among other things up there, hit Harvard and visit “The Coop”. My full day included heading back to Boston for the Bruins game that night.

Something that very much moved me for my American friends and something we could all take to heart in all the lands of the free. Dignity, consideration and respect for those that gave for our freedoms and those that serve to keep us safe. Well more display of those attributes by everyone for everyone would go a long way too.

I was in my cousins truck which had a Combat Wounded plate with a Fraternal Order of Police Star on the plate. Not a bad way to travel. That plate tends to keep people off your tail because when you see the plate a little bell goes off in your head that says, “yeah I don’t wanna get to close to that guy”.

I pull the truck in to a parking lot right beside the arena, see a spot not to deep in from the entrance and exit so I’m headed for it. The attendant comes out and motions me off towards the back of the lot and then he notices the plate. The intention he had for me changed right there. He asked “how long will you be sir”. I told him right through the end of the game tonight. He pointed and said, “Right there sir”. The man put me in a choice location about three spots in from the exit. Kept a couple other cars away while I was getting the truck backed in and then went back to the attendants shack. I gathered up what I’d need for the day, gauntlets, camera bag, sun glasses, my thoughts and went to pay.

No there was not a discount or free ride and there shouldn’t of been. ‘Hello Sir” he says to me. I chatted with the gentleman for a few minutes. Generalities. Have you been to Boston before, what brings you in so early if you’re here for the game. Remember I have a Rhode Island plate not Massachusetts.

That Gentleman was all about appreciation and respect. He saw something that moved him and was important to him as an American. He did what he was able to do, a little something for someone who served. He was able to give a little something back to make it easier for someone he didn’t know who’d done something for him and he did it. I knew what the man was about when he first opened his mouth and from the expression on his face.

Should I have told him the truck wasn’t mine and I wasn’t even an American? Absolutely not. I knew what he was about and I wasn’t going to take what he was doing away from him. You know something else, he wouldn’t take the tip I offered.

G.R. Hambley

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