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Awoken Heart

Awoken Heart


Beyond a world that was waits a new beginning
Eschewing what was for what the heart requires
Anxiety rises up, plays demoralizing tricks on the mind
Useless emotions in motion sapping the spirit

Take the self a new way, step, by step, by strengthening step
Inroads in to understanding, nurturing, saving ones own soul
Freely, joyously, willingly, moving towards the reborn self
Unexpected turn on the path raises a delighted smile

Leaving behind the comfort of the usual to explore the unknown
Hastening towards the burgeoning light of new understanding
Encountering a lone creature holding up, holding out, sharing the flame
As hour passes hour, night moves to day, lips move to ear

Reach out, reach in, reach for one, want only one
Taking hope to heart that what is new will be everlastingly true
Diving deep in to the clear blue waters of shared life and love
Overtaken by desire, enveloped in warmth, cradled with care

Coaxing with gentle words, walk on the ocean, sail the new plain, swim the desert
Taken hand in hand to the bottom of the river where the good stuff grows
Other days, other places, an other ones ways forever left behind
Rain of kisses pour down sealing that you are mine as I am yours

G.R. Hambley ©


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