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New Age

New Age

It happens faster than the proverbial speeding bullet
Makes its presence known like a light going from off, to on
From what was an old snails pace to instantaneous warp factor ten
In half a heartbeat, it could have happened ten thousand thousand times

Right here, right now, right square in the cross of the hairs
Instantaneous circuit connection fusing with logic and order
New neural paths complete, branch in to the pool of existing pulsars  
Gravity of matter in this mind is denser than the blackest of holes

Potential has far greater scope than that of any relation to volt
Outward racing, pulling energy and light in to brilliant cosmic trails
Intrepid voyager sailing through the vast expanse of mind
Nova ejects plasma, stream infuses with life’s blood

The scintillating rush of empowerment breaks across the entire being
Target acquired, trajectories arc raises beyond discernible measure
Object barriers present themselves, meteor showers an asteroids face
Piloting onward, moving through, diving under, pushing over, impenetrable

One single thing retains its shape, its feel, its being, time
In this new reality, there is both less and more notice of embarkation lines
Natural order in conjunction with esoteric exsistence makes complete sense
Tramping new space with purpose, an unending understanding in place

G.R. Hambley ©
February 28, 2014


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