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The Joining

The Joining

If you can be true to not only me but to you as well
Will you, can you, do you, for my life, forsake all others
I can, I have, I did, I desire that it be such again
Longings’ despair, loneliness’ dull ache, can be, must be, shall be, gone

Lest ye doubt, should thee falter, hold unyielding mine offer
Make beknownst to me that that bows thine head, wets thy cheek
Ascend, transcend, relinquish thy self and soul to safe haven
Kneel before the divine, give heed, state ag’in the promise made

Enter blithely through this door of lust and love and life
Yet as ye pass in to our chamber, I beg thee milady, let thy essence precede thee
Overtly capture upon thy vermillion tips the nectar of the peach
Use thine sweet sweet breath to waft thy scent that I may breathe it deep

Move slow, let mine eyes drink thee in, step slower, let my mind intoxicate
Illusions in fantasy settle, turn down this covering, take thy rightful place
Nestle close, rest thy sweeping tresses upon my fluttering breast
Ease thyself in concert with me, expend thee and me on this first night of forever

G.R. Hambley ©

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