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The Three R’s

The Three R’s

an awakening in three acts
based on a true story

Act 1;

Rehearsed evil drama playing on year after year after year
Every word, meticulously, maliciously, purposefully designed
Slicing hurtful words, cutting gleefully away at the minds flesh
Total capitulation the goal of these ongoing sadistic acts

Reticent star, head bowed, subject of, subjected to, unending abuse
Insidious actions openly displayed for a horrified audience
Choreographed dance of macabre applauded by Satan himself
Twisted sub plot, rewritten daily for brand new crushing effect

Incarcerated, chained to the will and whim of the beast
Obscenity’s ugly face flushed in it’s own excitement
New salvos unleashed in attempts to forever sink a soul
Sardonic smirk ignorantly unaware of it’s own impending fall


Act 2;

Realities harsh face, fantasies hopeful dream, colliding in the void
Every tear that fell, was in truth a silent scream
Habitat, confining as a cage, home is freedoms range
Aching cannot be permitted to go on lest the soul be lost

Bold not brash, steps taken to ensure this divined path
Illumination, soft pure star light focuses the window of the mind
Learning to love thy self, learning to honour thy self
Inroads made, feeling returns, numbness fades away

Taunts and barbs, washing off without the slightest trace
Angry, vitriolic filled screams, a monumental waste of breath
Tether forever broken, coiled neatly, placed in quaking claws
Enough, never again shall anyone shame this life’s light


Act 3;


Reborn, rising up from the cold dead ashes
Electric, fire purged, new Phoenix rises brilliantly
Secure and confidant, majestic wings unfurl
Unhindered, excitedly anticipating untried flight

Released, soaring cautiously ever higher in the sky
Relief and warmth soak in with each beat of the wings
Entire saga of darkness retreats to distant memory
Complete understanding, compared to a dog is not treated like one

This rebirth’s pain filled beginnings not to be forgot
Injustices remembered solely for the sake of lessons learned
Openly, joyously, lovingly, flying freely in the sun
New birth from black hole complete, shining bright for all to see



G.R. Hambley 10/99 ©


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