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Thoughtless is Good

Thoughtless is Good

I had popped out to the local variety store and without even thinking about it got orange juice for who at the time was the other half.

When I returned and poured her some she was appreciative and commented that I didn’t have to pick up the juice for her. I told her what I did was thoughtless.

She gave me an odd look and then I explained what I meant and that started a conversation on how thoughtless can be good.

We didn’t have much O.J. left in the fridge, she likes it, I just automatically did it, completely thoughtless. It didn’t matter there was shopping to be done later that day and it would of saved a little bit (a penny saved right) by waiting to get the juice at the grocery store. I know how much she likes in the morning and would want more than we had.

I suppose you could call what I did considerate but quite honestly there was no consideration in what I did. Consideration involves thought. You could call it paying attention but that also requires thought.

As you go along in a loving in love relationship you learn about the other person. You begin to conduct yourself in a thoughtless manner. A good thoughtless manner. We all know what the bad thoughtless is and can pay some heavy prices for such behaviour.

I think, believe, that in our relationships as we come to know the other people we go about our interactions with them on a somewhat unconcious level. I don’t think that is bad. With all the outside influences we face, encounter in our daily lives, some intrinsic understanding of those we have good relations with makes life easier and more pleasant.

G.R. Hambley

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