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On a night much like today
Snow did fall both soft and hard
Amid that falling snow
An ember was coaxed to grow

“Please do” came the response
The statement had been a sentiment
There was a thoughtful pause
A turn to gaze again upon winter glory

Slowly, deliberately, words began to form
Form found its own harmonious shape
Shape became the very first line
First line quite quickly joined by a second

“Feeling my way through” was the answer
“Why stop” had been the question
The gentle “please go on” encouragement enough
Eyes go to the wondrous snow light in the night

In that single shared moment a switch flipped
On that oh so special bright white night the ember blossomed
Fueled by exhilaration, desire and need a bonfire grew
Word followed word and line followed line until “fini”

“Thank you” were the two words given back
“Beautiful” was the single word given
The sharing went on in silence with smiles of content
Both felt it, innately knew it, something undying came completely alive this night

G.R. Hambley ©

That night a good many years ago….. well you decide what that night was


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