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Life’s journey, begun with wonder and excitement
In the guiding care of those who have gone before
Fresh knowledge forms the minds character,
Each unfamiliar encounter; lessons taught, lessons learned
Heightening consciousness, desire to soar free with each days passing
At long last the childhood form is shed, your time is here

Stepping boldly, fearless, a young adult going forth in the world
Taking strong hold, each new challenge attacked with confidence
Herded onward, time bounds past, unnoticed, unattended
Reaching for, working toward, a comfortable place, skilled, respected
Eventually the realization; where you are is not what you are
Enduring each day, not living with light, as life is meant to be

Searching the rainbows end you discover the strongest foe is your self
Thirsting, a point reached, questions, doubt of the self, if it’s place
Am I to be unhappy, capitulate, conform to the expected median
Gain from your heart, take from your heart, the choice is clear
Evasion ceases, last stage of life, finally, painfully attained
So right, so true, this is the place, my place, I shall forever be here

G.R. Hambley ©
an older piece

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