Life Coaching, Observations, Reflections, Things that make you go hmmmmm



Chirp chirp chirp peep peep peep
An unwanted uninvited angering assault on the senses
Peep peep peep chirp chirp chirp
And here we go again, another assault from the dense bird

Christ! will you just shut up and leave me be

Insufferable self serving boo hoo feel for me blather
Take a pill, take a drink, take a dollar and buy a clue
On it goes baring the soul and I know there ain’t no soul to bare
Really this because, really that because, really pissing me off


Chirp peep chirp peep
And I’m somewhat to blame, and so and so hate me, and forgive me for yourself and and and
Peep chirp PEEP CHIRP
And the water starts to simmer and the mind begins to compile

Christ! just incredulous, me, ME of all people you open a path for discharge

It starts slowly, deliberately, the page becomes pages
There is no ambiguity, no forgiveness, no feeling withheld or spared
Obesrvations and reflections on exactly why, exactly what this chlorophyte bird is
Ready, set, send, and and and here is my birthday gift to you


G.R. Hambley ©
03, March, 2014

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