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Because You Asked

Because You Asked

A blank book. Correction, a new blank book.
A promise made. Not in so many words.
Still it had been spoken. This page the giving to the word.

Images of conversation. Flashes of unbridled craziness.
Not so crazy as perceived. You to me, equally me to you.
Just someone that struck a chord. A new friend grows closer.

Words from and words to. Words that incite, excite, delight.
Show me, show you. Thinking more of me and me of you.
From you, from me. Sure, not sure, but two are now touched.

Holding up me for you. Smiling, as you do in turn for me.
Night has been moved by light. Facets shine the spectrums colour.
Dawn’s blue, afternoon’s yellow, evening’s red. Just a metaphor for sharing.

This moves to that. That is what moves this to understanding nods.
Warmth spreads, radiates outward. Fires building within.
Close enough and not. Moving in, moving back, safe, cozy.

Fuel added to fire. Flames rising, dancing on the face, in the eyes.
Passions with impassioned pleas shared. Sparks fly wildly.
Falling away to safe space. Questioning looks exchanged.

A finger beckons on an outstretched hand. Decisions and indecision’s.
Stay in the cool dark? Return to the settled fire?
An impasse to surpass? Has a moment shattered a beginning?

Snips, snails, a life’s tales! Sugar, spice, for naught or for nice?
Mind over matter. If it matters you truly mind.
Embers slowly turn to ash. Water beside wood, two hands reach.

G.R. Hambley ©

July, 2014

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