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Ta Ta For Now or Ta Ta For Ever

You ever read “The Dip” … good book … I quit something today … had to be done

TTFN or TTFE … ta ta for now or ta ta for ever … that opening is there

If both both parties are amenable they will have to sit down and redefine the parameters. I let it be known I’m willing to do so.

You know there are just times you have to make a stand!

How you make that stand to my mind is equally as important as the action itself.

It is okay to express your displeasure. It is okay to let others know you just aint happy with the situation and you’ve made a choice for yourself.

You see if you don’t put the big boy or girl underwear on and step up and speak your piece you carry around negative emotions. Not good!

Ultimately you are only damaging yourself. Your demeanour changes if not outwardly for view internally to your own detriment with angst. It’ll reach a point where that negative emotion multiplies. Now you’re perturbed with yourself for not speaking up with whomever or the situation you’re displeased with and with yourself for eating it.

Again … not good!

Emotional Control and Emotional Presence are different things.

Control bad … Presence good

Not speaking up because someone doesn’t want to hear it or may fire back at you in someway is Emotional Control.

Speaking up and expressing yourself when you’re bothered, upset, questioning, with consideration is emotional presence and that is very good!

I’m not saying you should express every thought and feeling the moment you have it because that aint a good thing either! Taking time to make sure you are sure that the action you take is appropriate is consideration.

I’m all for emotional presence and consideration!

G.R. Hambley
September 16, 2014


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