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Sometimes you just gotta shake your head … or other things

Sometimes you just gotta shake your head … or other things

It’s just past 9:00 am my time. It has already been a day and then some!

I’m in three different time zones doing three different things and functioning optimally. Considering jumping in to a fourth zone but it can wait for me to finish the two things I got going on in my own time zone. Yeah it is a relative thing. My optimal aint your optimal and vise versa.

I multitask extremely well. I compartmentalize extremely well. I focus extremely well. I have them all going on at the same time.

So does that make me an extremist? Yup it does, but only to a degree. The degree is always in flux. In the moment I need to be in, in the moment I need to be in it. That is part of my skill set.

Me, and I took a test, I’m exactly 50% right brained and 50% left brained at the same time. Picture that if you will, not 51 to 49, not 49 to 51, 50/50! I’d been telling people for years I’m in both sides of what I call a brain at the same time!

There are many that think not being dominant in one or the other halves of the hemisphere actually makes you some kind of deficient. There are a few that are impressed I’m so well balanced.

Me balanced? A concept for the usual minds that I outwardly reject! I reject it because my greatest fear is ever being considered normal. God forbid I ever be considered usual, average, bloody normal. Well lucky me! It was forbidden and I know this cuz I wouldn’t be the unusual sort that I am were I to be something other than what I am.

So just where have I been today? I’ve been deciphering numbers and fractions of numbers and exponentials. Nope it wasn’t that kind of accounting day. I only do that stuff when it is required! That kind of accounting stuff just makes me glaze over and nod off.

Today’s numbers so far, in order are, 8, 3, 5, 7, 1.618 and 1. Just as an aside, yesterday’s significant number was -1 and it didn’t surprise me in the least! I’ve just added 2 to the list of numbers and lemme tell ya this 2 is a real beaut!

No I’m not showing you the 2!

Well maybe once upon a time these 2 were a real beaut. These days being over a billion and older than dirt, with these 2, I just can’t see myself doing a selfie for “The Hot Butt Challenge”

Duty calls … I’ll get back to those other numbers later

G.R. Hambley
September 19, 2014

2 responses to “Sometimes you just gotta shake your head … or other things

  1. Nihar Pradhan March 1, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    Being balanced is a great way to optimize the power we have distributed between the left and the right brain…multitasking is one such test to check the utility of both. Indeed one needs to keep taking those test to ensure that one is not under utilizing one’s own potential, which is so often is feature of our ignorance and we complain about our inability of do something which others are able to do…perhaps we have not explored our talent.
    Great post!!!


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