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Getting To Know You

Getting To Know You


He sees she in the same moment she sees he
Careful glances pass from one to the other, and back again
It seems as if all has stopped, time itself now stands still
Many souls pass their way, unseen by either on the cobbled street

An alluring soft smile spreads across rose pink lips
Growing gently, warmly, wonderingly, hopefully his returns hers
Eye meets eye, sigh joins sigh, two hearts skip on the same beat
As if one, both their heads nod, an unspoken bond swiftly forms

They step in unison without words spoken towards each other
His arm is happily offered but she chooses the intimacy of his hand
One word leads to another and soon a torrent of laughter erupts
Taking time to stop and stare and just drink each other in

Making time to sit at what will soon and will always be their spot
A finger reaches out to gently brush her cheek
In turn her delicate nail traces along his ear
Longing lips can no longer wait, they meet in what will not be their only kiss

G.R. Hambley ©

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