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Many tried to grab the eye with their own way of sway
An ankle turned, an eye batted, the hair flip with a giggle
Catch you I can, oh baby you’ll be mine on my demand

Hooks and lashes in a not so subtle persuasion
Instances of ill realization when the intensity ratchets up
Not so much resembling the lamb that struck you down

And round and round the lurking ring finger it goes
Take your seat, or don’t you care to dare to see this ride turn
In the front row, you’ll get to know, more than you ever dreamed

Opened source, uh oh, now there’s the look of panic and remorse
Nowhere to hide away, caught full on in the head lights play
So run, take your flight, because here for you, there is no delight

G.R. Hambley ©
September 28, 2014

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