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He Said … She Said #2 … Another from one who is devoutly warped.

Another from one who is devoutly warped.
He Said … She Said #2

HE SAID: i r 2 an old soul

She Said: Lol

HE SAID: I’m an old sod at times too

She Said: Lol

HE SAID: yeah sure … that one she knows

She Said: Yeah I know

She Said: Hehehe

She Said: Hmmm

She Said: G!!!!!!!!!!!

HE SAID: YES !!!!!!!!!!   LMAO

She Said: WHAT HAVE U DONE?????

HE SAID: nothing why

She Said: !!!!!!!

HE SAID: nothin’ but getting you to laughing

She Said: FB!!!!!!


She Said: U posted it!!!!! U wanna get urself killed

HE SAID: I changed it

HE SAID: ok ok … I took it down

HE SAID: sheesh

HE SAID: try and stir up a little fun



She Said: Lol I liked it……lol……but

She Said: Hmmmmmm

HE SAID: tough with 3 kids huh

She Said: Lol YEAAAH

HE SAID: and I know better but do it anyway …. you know what that makes me?

She Said: But I love it

She Said: Rebel

HE SAID: incorrigible

HE SAID: well rebel too

She Said: What?

HE SAID: incorrigible

HE SAID: incorrigible ~ adj   very rare
1. impervious to correction by punishment

She Said: Ahhhhh


HE SAID: the dodger aint got nothin’ on me!

HE SAID: Oliver Twist

HE SAID: and what mischief are you up to?

She Said: Lol

She Said: I’m just thinking what my day would be like without u in it

HE SAID: sane but who needs that

She Said: Lol

She Said: True

She Said: Bloody ‘ ol fool

HE SAID:    🙂

HE SAID: would have loved to of seen your face when you saw the FB

She Said: Lol yeah

HE SAID: EIA ?????????

She Said: Ur r my fun

HE SAID: everything in air ………..

She Said: Huh?

She Said: Lol

She Said: Yep

She Said: Glad u r here dude

HE SAID: me too!

She Said: I think that God give each of us a friend to keep us sane….u got me

HE SAID: look how well that worked … I was already way out with an immediate up

She Said: Lol

HE SAID: followed by a zigzag with a sharp left

HE SAID: psssssssst

She Said: Hmm

HE SAID: whom is supposed too keep who sane?

She Said: Me u

HE SAID: I thought so but wanted to check

She Said: Lol

She Said: Yeah I know…

She Said: But I gotta get points for trying

HE SAID: we are agreed

HE SAID: we are scoring?

HE SAID: no one told me

She Said: Lol yeah I’m wayyyyyyyyyy ahead

HE SAID: I thought I was the head so to speak?

She Said: I wonder what it feels like to strangle someone

She Said: No the head needs to be sane…. U R not

HE SAID: how far?

HE SAID: how far strangling someone?

She Said: U

HE SAID: not who

She Said: Not anyone else

HE SAID: how far

She Said: Lol I know

She Said: Till u give up


Yes another one of those conversations that really happened … it’s good to be devoutly warped!

If you care to see what got the, “WHAT HAVE U DONE?????” I’m happy to show you
Go read my rule #11 first


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