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After all was said, all was done, all was put shamefully to dead
Poetic licence, poetic justice, in all their storied glory play on
Right and right sometimes do make an epic tragic wrong
It could have, it should have, there only one’s good reason it was not

Nailed down, shut up, by the pontificating decree of the knave of naves
Cause has effect, effect causes distrust, distrust ends a shared faith
Each to their own path, each to their own thoughts, they turn alone
Stepping slowly, deliberately, away, nary a glance behind

Strong regrets, stronger doubts, selfless abused by self serving
That that was, was; that that is, is; never, never, to see the light again
One liar casting dimly with shame
One teller casting brightly with resolve
G.R. Hambley ©
August 30, 2014


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