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The Protectors Way – escorting a lady through a door

The Protectors Way
how to properly escort a lady through a door

I was in my favourite coffee place and heard conversation going on around me on a couple of things involving, protocol shall we say.

This gentleman (me) who is really a protector and not a gentleman, does not open the door and step back for the lady to enter first.

Now as we are in a public display of affection, holding hands, I take a short quicker stride ahead and at the same time gently maneuver slightly in front of the lady.

As I do this I let my arm tuck while still holding the lady’s hand and I let my hand holding hers come to the small of my back where she is now positioned behind me.

I swing open the door wide and take us both through.

There has been the odd woman who doesn’t appreciate what this non-gentleman has done. Gone through first, because, after all, it is their Princess right to be fawned over and placed on a pedestal.

What isn’t understood is this, by going through the door first if there is anything coming the other way, it hits this protector between the proverbial eyes and does not touch the lady!

I use the same tuck and walk in crowded places. Being a big person, I make holes and the lady is protected from jostling, bumping or a frontal collision.

The added bonus of moving through crowds in that manner for the lady I’m with is this. If an approaching individual, say a man, raises his hand to fend off a collision, well my way prevents the lady from an unwanted if even innocent touching of the TaTa’s!

G.R. Hambley ©
October 17, 2014


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