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Well Okay Then

Well Okay Then

Somewhere between the earth and who knows what stars
Pacing boldly the empty halls of a befuddled mind
Attention notices to notice given to the entourage
Call to the one above for the wings of another
Extolling the virtues of sailing on the astronautical plain
You can come along and enjoy this delusional view too
Stay as long as your own fascinated brain will dare
He’ll gladly take you in to explore his solely profound existence
Interstellar entourage in tow, it’s off to visit “The Who’s” inside Jupiter
Pulling out the prints, gonna build a spaceship or three to get you home
Dude’s gotta fly cuz he’s got a visit to Andromeda twinkling in his eye
Utopian perfection no understatement, he extols to all in words his deeds
Done that, been there, became an Angel, raced Indy Cars, and he’s not done
Engaging and ingratiating to all he meets, and he’s okay, maybe

G.R. Hambley ©
November 01, 2014

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