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Basking under rainbows, sublime golden delicious glow
Lapsing in and out, ivy slinking through gossamer webs
Interspersed in the moments, dalliances on a lovers touch
Sliding ever deeper, comforting waves, pastel colours

Stilling rough waters, surface tension of a different sort
Falling without fear, passing through vanilla scented clouds
Upside down, down side up, either or, comfortably the same
Looking through widening eyes, sugary wisps form on finger tips

Take a little flight
makin’my way through the night
Have a little depart
doin’ what I can to feel some heart


Discarding cotton candy threads, freed for flying seas of desire
Easing through the atmosphere, sailing to greet the great bear
Little dipper turns over, star dust spilt across unending night
Under passing, over taking, no one there to after burn

Shadows dancing in the cosmic void, gaze turns to look behind
Insides turn outside, nothing good in such fragile head space
Once again, all over again, over and out through the in door
Nowhere now, just the dark, all gone, the rites, the rhythm, the rhyme

Took a little flight
made my way through that night
Had a little depart
did what I could to find some heart

G.R. Hambley ©
November 05, 2014

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