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Intimated looks shared across the over populated room
Ditzes and dolts the party favour flavour tonight
Imprinting passion on each others sense and senses
Death by boredom a distinct possibility
Nods and winks give rise to flushing pink
Taking our leave, taking a taxi, but thanks for the offer

Knee goes to hand, lip goes to lobe
Need you now breathed in to ear
One slender finger firmly traces the path of desire
“Wait, just wait, hush love, don’t fret, yes, just not yet”
“You’ll know why, you’ll see, just trust in me”
One more turn, one last stop, time for one more kiss

Unsated lust mounting, reaching the wellspring
Can’t stand it, can’t wait, can barely speak
On trembling legs the ascension to bliss mounted
Unsteady hands releasing the bodies encumberments
Low moans, long sighs, short breaths
Dress drops to floor, shirt finds dress

Darkness pushed away by hurriedly lit tapers
“Oh why, oh don’t take the time, oh just come to me”
“The better to enjoy you, us, is why”
Hand goes to her, head goes to chest
At long long last, desire’s will no longer stayed
Taken to earth, taken by hand, taken to privileged place

Under lying currents, over whelming exhilaration
Lying joined, lying embraced, lying in sweet sensation
One leg over, one leg under, pausing, settling, a clutching
Very gently, making the same of the other side
Each limb placed just so, arms outside arms, legs outside legs
Resplendency beams from below to above, returned in kind

Out of breath, In the moment, waves ease to ripples
Face to face, soft caresses, softer kisses
Moist pink sugar lips go to ear, breathless whisper of delight
“I didn’t know you could do that”
“Now you do, now you know, now you feel how I love…
Enveloping you”

G.R Hambley ©
months in the works
completed July 31, 2014

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