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One of my comments – 000

I was reading a post on Creativity in the Digital Age.

This is my comment to that question. The post is well worth reading and the link is at the end.

Idiom, not a language. An alteration in the language with topic driven vernacular, sure. New words to come in to being within the language.

Creativity still comes from the mind. The delivery mechanisms have advanced along with the advancement of minds. The techno creatives if you like. I am partly that. I’m also partly what would be considered old school as I do at times write by hand with a pen. I allow myself no electronic aids when I take pen to page. No editor, no thesaurus.

The digital age certainly can make writing easier. There are time I wonder what Shakespeare may have created in the digital age. I also wonder that had Shakespeare been creating in the digital age would he have been so wrapped up in creating the perfect play with the tools at his disposal if there would be nothing by Shakespeare.

I will also write with an older English flair. This was written on computer.

This was written by hand.

G.R. Hambley

Please add in what you think here and there.

Digital Dialogue – Creativity vs. Innovation

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