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Relationship Thoughts No 1

Relationship Thoughts No. 1 of who knows!

Serious human relationship stuff here. The relationship failed. Failure is failure and those involved in that failure are culpable. Yes there are degrees of culpability but assigning blame usually only satisfies yourself. I said usually. Human relationship, loving and in love relationship is the hardest and most rewarding relationship you will ever have.

I have said for decades that love is not unconditional. The only unconditional love there might be is that of a parent for a child. No matter what path the child takes, the parent loves that child even though they may not like them or what they do. It happens, Blue Whale it.

As soon as you enter in to a relationship of any kind conditions start being taken on. The taking on of conditions is normal and usual and you may not even be aware it is happening. My thesaurus gives this as one of the explanations for conditions, “the set of circumstances that affect someone’s welfare”. In relationships, welfare to me means the emotional welfare. Hey if you’re physically reckless with someones welfare I don’t see you being in any long term relationship.

With a possible in love relationship, even in the beginning the first condition taken on is fidelity. That just doesn’t mean the physical relations as the sexual aspect may have not yet taken place in a burgeoning relationship. You see and are intimate with only one. Intimate doesn’t mean sex in this scenario. Intimate in this form is a noun and intimate is very rare as a noun. It means someone you share your private thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams and the stuff you did that you’re embarrassed by and sorry for. One person you share with and confide in, or a confidante if you like.

The ultimate everything in human relationship to my mind is this. In one person, love, lover, friend and confidante. Someone who loves you enough and isn’t afraid to hold your hair back and explain it to your dumb ass when needed. In return that person gets the same from you!

G.R. Hambley ©

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