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The First Lennon This Morning

The First Lennon This Morning

December 8 is always a tough day for me. I’m hearing the first of what will be many of this man’s songs today.

What’s playing is, (Just Like) Starting Over.

I can remember, see where I was when I heard.

A usual morning, up and in to the bathroom to get the day going. Flip on the radio and start brushing my teeth and then I heard. John Lennon was shot and is dead. I can still see my face in the mirror. If there is a look for shock and loss, the look on my face was it.

My best friend at that time and I used to go back and forth on who do you like better and why. Lets be real clear here, we like them both, a lot! For him it was McCartney and for me it was, and still is Lennon.

Don’t want to get to morbid here but just so you know, I still “Imagine”.

Thanks John

G.R. Hambley
Dcember 8, 2014

One response to “The First Lennon This Morning

  1. G. R. Hambley December 8, 2015 at 8:25 am

    Reblogged this on transitionu and commented:

    Today my first is “Imagine”. Now it is 35 years since he was killed.

    The world is visibly much worse in 2015 than it was 2014. Battle lines have become more defined. Anger and fear are greater.

    All of us owe it to ourselves to be informed. Our best counter to BOMBastic rhetoric is to be informed. Read, read read and then read some more. Don’t just look at one or two view points that are the same view that agree with your anger or alleviate your fear. Read 5 or 6 different perspectives so you can get a clearer picture of the picture.

    I have 6 print and 6 electronic in my news feeds. All come down the line off one site. No I don’t spend hours pouring over 12 sites. I doubt I would if I had the time. What it gives me is a fast way to get to what I want information about.

    We all have to be relevant and we all have to be as well informed as we can be to be relevant.

    G.R. Hambley
    December 08, 2015


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