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Tis A Season & Joyeux Noel Non

Tis A Season & Joyeux Noel Non
(poetry at end)

The Christmas Season is filled with a wonderment of feelings. Not all of them for everyone are the warm fuzzy feelings of remembrance and expectation. For many, as we all know, tis the season of just get this over with and let me come through to the other side reasonably sound. There are going to be a few of those shadows to chase away as we move in to the New Year.

For me, there is no significant other in my life and family is a long way away. Also for me there is somewhat of an awareness of and expectations of physician heal thy self. If you’re not aware I am a Certified Professional Coach, a Life Coach. Yes I am a number of other things as well but in the moment, Life Coach is the stocking cap I have on.

This isn’t about sympathy. This is about actuality and maybe a little bit of empathy.

For me I’ll have my Christmas Eve walk and talk with God. My spirituality will, as always be refreshed. There is never a need to renew because my spirituality is something I never lose.

For many others for many reasons the Christmas season is nothing special or something to lament.

I’ve seen some things. I’ve worked with people considered well off and I’ve worked with the not so well off. I’ve worked with people on four continents. As different as the faces and places can be I did and do see commonality, especially at this time of year.

Should you encounter one who is shall we say not so festive share a little compassion, empathy and understanding.

There is no need to feel sorry for me. I’m not feeling sorry for myself. Keep in mind that alone and lonely are two very different things! I’m well and intact and pleased with a number of things that I touched and touched me this year.

I wrote this about piece of poetry last Christmas Eve and If you want to do something for me, enjoy and reflect on and remember that for some it is;

Joyeux Noel Non

January on the horizon and it can’t get here soon enough
Unusual to be looking straight past, straight through this season
Strange to not to give a damn about this time of year
Then again, all considered, it just isn’t that strange after all

And the morning of the eve breaks with a bitter cold
Not that the weather can touch the chill of the soul
Once upon a time no bitterness or cold could touch the joy
That was then and the now is just a day to pass away

Head sick and heart twisted or maybe vise versa
Ease on past the whatever merriment when it’s seen
Race on through the greetings and wishes when they come
Nights’ low light cannot get here fast enough this day

In the growing shadows there is blessed relief to be found
Going slowly to nowhere down the emptying streets
Heaven and Hell and Christmas bells, just rumours here
Taking a look to that star above and wishing everyone a place to cry

G.R. Hambley ©

2 responses to “Tis A Season & Joyeux Noel Non

  1. Garfield Hug December 20, 2014 at 10:17 am

    Have a Merry Christmas GRhambley 😄…keep the cheer and have some fruit cake 😝


  2. grhambley December 20, 2014 at 10:41 am

    Some people would swear I am the Fruit Cake. Hey, ask Sister Madly if you don’t believe me!

    You have a merry Christmas too


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