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EVIDENCE – Illuminating Sister Madly

EVIDENCE – Illuminating Sister Madly

It is well documented that a certain Sister Madly aka Wanton Moppet has had bad experiences with lights of the street.

A special investigative unit was dispatched to ascertain whether said incidents were real or imagined.

The findings of that investigation are now available under the freedom of information laws of several countries, one Anti-socialist Regime and a Herd of Flamingos.

Photograph 1 shows an over view of the scene.
The buzz going round was not electric and therefore not coming from what further investigation determined were the still terrified victims of the heinous act. Questioning the victims proved useless as in their non-shocking state they were only able to reply with unintelligible berrrrrraaps and kerrrrrrfizzles.

In the lower right of photograph 1 you will see that the assault did not reach either of the intended targets. This also raises question regarding a certain batting cave, errrr cage incident. After interviewing “The Professors” it was established that their sole purpose for the outing was to determine if “Sister Madly” was all field and no hit.


Photograph 2
you are given a better view of the “Weapon of Choice”. Your investigator is pleased that said weapon wasn’t a pair of Jimmy Choo Sling Back Stilettos as those things could put an eye out and will scuff terribly when hitting pavement from a great height.


Photograph 3
This shows that it would indeed take quite an arm to reach such a height.

We conclude, and rightfully so that the professors testified verily when stating they were actually trying out Ms Madly to see if she would be a good right field replacement on their softball team and were not just torturing Ms Madly as she proclaimed at the batting cave, errrrr cage that day for their own amusement!

Photograph 3 also shows us that for some strange reason nary a sole is to be seen.


Photograph 4
The photo shows clearly that the shoes which were hurled at the poor lights were golf shoes. Sister Madly, aka Wanton Moppet has also previously stated she had a rather provocative and unfulfilling encounter previously with the game of golf. Ms Madly did in fact mention the hurling of objects during that encounter.

Exhaustive efforts were made to canvas the area for witnesses but all complained of being driven under their beds in fear and forced to cover their ears by some strange high pitched scream. When asked if the sound reminded them of a Banshee, to a man, woman, child and flamingo the answer was YES!

The answer to that question in the affirmative made this investigator question if the Banshee previously complained about by Ms Madly was in fact a sound emanating from herself when provoked.


The investigation has determined Sister Madly, aka Wanton Moppet is provoked by round objects as well as the previously noted sharp objects.

There are a few other items worthy of mention that were uncovered during this investigation and will be released at a later date. In the moment there is a pressing need for some Merry HO HOing!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a, don’t provoke Sister Madly!

6 responses to “EVIDENCE – Illuminating Sister Madly

  1. Sister Madly December 24, 2014 at 11:37 pm

    These photos are obviously faked:
    A. Blue Sky. There is currently no blue sky where Sister Madly resides. Not until July.
    2. No witnesses. There is high unemployment and even higher laziness in her town. There would have been witnesses. Or bodies of a sort.
    D. She does not live in Canada.
    6. There is no ‘6.’

    Also, the Professors are lying: they do not play softball. They do not play games in which heavy drinking is frowned upon. Their sober intentions are always malicious.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. grhambley December 25, 2014 at 10:42 am

    No where in the investigators statement does it state the incident took place where Ms Madly resides. It is also a well known fact that there is some “MAJIK” in that non pompom hat the wanton moppet wears with which she could have easily transported herself to any location at will.

    Beary will verily attest to the veracity of the photographs. More to follow.

    Sober intentions? A little know fact is that recreational softball has adopted three player positions found in North American Football, “End”, “Guard” and “Tackle”. Now in recreational softball the role is vastly different and can be fulfilled by one individual. Said individual sits at the “END” of the players bench, “GUARDS” the BEER KEG and “TACKLES” anyone who comes near the keg.

    What’s a “6”?


  3. grhambley December 28, 2014 at 7:31 am

    I knew Sister Madly was manifesting last eve. I stepped out of my alternative coffee spot last night and looked at the light that you see in the foreground of photograph 1 and it went out. I’m looking at said light, turned away and light came back on. I turn to look and then said light from photograph 1 went out again. Shaking my head I returned to my writing, my coffee and over sized chocolate chunk cookie.

    I went back out about an hour later and said light was once again illuminating the street. I looked at the light and it went out. Said light required further watching. I spent about 5 minutes looking at said light and during that time light came on and went out 3 times.

    So Sister Madly, just how much MAJIK is in that non pompom hat?

    Is Sister Madly’s given name Samantha or Glinda or Medea or (shudddddddddddddddddder) Griselda?

    Medea Madly doth have certain charm me thinks.


  4. dickyjloweman March 24, 2015 at 9:50 pm

    Very funny. Nicely done, inspector.

    Liked by 1 person

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