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Catalyst and Catharsis

Catalyst and Catharsis

Crashing fearlessly through waves of rampant emotion
Accepting lovingly the bearish nature of this beast
Traversing resolutely where all others would instantly perish
Agile mind seizes on the degree of madness, totally unfazed
Listening, truly listening, not just hearing this storms wrath

Yield and heed, warning signs flashed from within her eye
Slowly and surely the winds that raged are turned to calm
Twinkling eyes and steady smile, the lighthouse for my soul
Another crisis of creation weathered, with no damage done
Nodding gently, an understanding only the special one could know

Dulled worn edges, the restoration, a labour of true love
Careful nurturing, given in times of deepest feeling
Angelic voice soothes, delicately washes concern away
Touches and caresses reaching clear into the heart
Held contentedly, safe haven in my loves arms

All the world held at bay, ordered to wait for another day
Resting easily, head and heart nestled safely in her care
Stories and tales I relate of journeys yet unexplored
I hear my angels voice kiss softly, deeply in my ear
“Silence now, rely on me my love to keep the crowd from you”

G.R. Hambley an older piece ©


3 responses to “Catalyst and Catharsis

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  2. Dancing Echoes July 31, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    Very nice. They do go hand in hand don’t they.

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