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Turn The Calendar Page

Turn the calendar page

Well for those of us that put down in words how wonderful or not life is in this world, we’re always turning pages. Some of us even burn the odd page. Hey, sometimes it just has to be done. I did not go throwing babies off of bridges when I came to them. Didn’t blow them bridges up either. That is a figurative statement for those of you who are gleaning the web for subversive plots.

I’ve been kicking around wordpress now since the last few days of August, 2014. Took a couple days to get in the groove so lets call it four months I’ve been doing the blog thing. I have a sense of obligation to the blog and that is good. I appreciate having this outlet and display mechanism.

WordPress sent me my year in review. All in all I’m pretty pleased. I had no clue what to expect, how I’d be received, where I’d take things on this journey. I look at the stats and am pleasantly surprised that the numbers between Canada and the United States are not relative. By that I mean relative to population base. Canada’s population is about 10% that of the United States. The ratio is 4 to 1 not 10 to 1 as you might expect. So for every four of my neighbours to the south that have read me, one of my countrymen has read me. The designation of, “Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate” and “The Order of Canada” cannot be far behind! It’s a nice thought and that thought is now put back in the closet of my mind! Although, you gotta have aspirations right?

I’ve had visitors from 17 countries around the world. Discourse in one form or another off of those views with people from 10 of those countries.

There a couple I’ve read that I’ve become a huge fan of and just love their writings. I do so much appreciate the Devoutly Warped”. Yes I know humour is subjective and I also know I have at the least a strange sense of humour, and at the most, well I said it, a Devoutly Warped sense of humour.

There a couple that were not to my taste and I’m sure there are some that dropped my pages and found me not to their taste. That is the beauty of this space. Exposure to so many thoughts, ideas, ways and means of expression. I do enjoy it so!

Looking ahead, I’m satisfied with the direction and content of my pages. That will stay the same. Some Coaching thoughts or life thoughts if you like. There will be poetry and art. I will be consistent and true to myself as always.

As an artist and a life coach I would recommend this space to those that are looking for a place that is both a catharsis and a catalyst. A highly constructive way to vent and give your views too.

Happy New Year Y’all … see you on the other side

G.R. Hambley December 31, 2014

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