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Quoth Me #1

Quoth Me #1

Humour is subjective, indicative and vindictive of the times.
G.R. Hambley January 03, 2015

I said it. I like it. Don’t recall seeing such before so it’s mine! Yes I share.

Just as there are a couple of words that are mine. I made em up, you can use them, but they’re mine!

Constervation can be found on Urban Dictionary. Listed to a “CTBear” which is also me.

Contemfutzing can be found here on WordPress and a couple other places. As you move down the page you’ll encounter a “CTB”, Cool Teddy Bear. Yup that’s me and mine too. Him I share for viewing but you can’t use him without talking to me!

We here at this place and those other places that are like here, are the ones that make this stuff up, y’all keep at it and enjoy!


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