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Full Blown Snark On

Full Blown Snark On
or maybe just a strong rebuttal

I also use Linkedin. Wonderful service that I highly recommend. I just read something that seriously perturbed me.

You can go see what I was reading that demanded response here.

This is my comment response to that piece.

Most importantly. Do not take advice from a Silent Donkey.

Your solution to out of office email reply is plainly insufficient. How long of a delay should I expect Mr. Silent Donkey? Should I wait on a who knows when it is going to come response or should I just take my business elsewhere? Not a difficult decision.

Delayed response to my mind seems to be a real sweet way to have your staff not get a real break from their working life.

Seems more like an out of office template for someone who hasn’t grown a pair yet. While that may seem gender specific, I assure you that isn’t so.

I recall reading something two or three months ago about availability by phone. This individual is telling her kids while on an outing at mini golf she needs to step away from them for 10 minutes and take this call.

Way to go! Just absolutely corporate excellent! A perfect lesson to be teaching children. You are significant in my world just not as significant as my business. Doesn’t matter thing one or thing two what your intent is or was.

It is what the kids are going to take away from that experience. It is what you’ve taught those children on how to conduct themselves when they reach a point in life where they have their own children. Harry Chapin said it a very long time ago with his song, “Cats In The Cradle”. Give a listen and actually listen!

I have both hotmail and gmail. The hotmail I’ve had since long before there was gmail. Both serve a function that I require. Further, while the email I use is web based my email is not browser based. Tech savvy enough for you Mr. Silent Donkey?

Me? I’m not having a good day and I got my “Snark” on. I’d like to say I’m sorry but I’m not.

You can consider this a “Constervation”. You can find that word and “Silent Donkey” on Urban Dictionary. I put them there, one more thing, your fifteen minutes are up!

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