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Full Blown Snark on – ADDENDUM

Full Blown Snark on – ADDENDUM

Cyber Discrimination

Why is what this individual stated in his whom not to hire statement still a chip on my shoulder?

The piece can be viewed here.

I’m trained to question. I can why you to a realization faster than a 5 year old can why you to frustration. Okay maybe I’m not that good but I like to think I am. Beyond that I’ve always been questioning. I want to know the root so I go digging. That is my nature.

What is the root of this matter of whom not to hire. I’ve thought about it and the conclusion I reach is that this individual discriminates. Discrimination is not acceptable, period end of story.

Most of us are aware of Cyber Bullying and will not tolerate that behaviour.
Now for the first time I’ve been cognizant of Cyber Discrimination. This is what I take from that individuals statement on whom not to hire.

I’m not going to consider you because you don’t play with what I play with. You can’t be of any good to me because by not using what I use or what I say should be used you are obviously incompetent and a mental deficient.

This individual isn’t a Consultant or even better, a Coach. He is not about prophet and is about profit. I do not see someone trying to dazzle with brilliance. I see someone trying to baffle with, well you know the saying as well as I do.

I went and looked at this individual’s site. Aint nothing but a cyber huckster from what I see. Unlike him, I took the time to go look before reaching a conclusion.

I will not accept Cyber Bullying and I will not accept Cyber Discrimination. I will not accept them silently. That’s just me too.

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