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On With The Show

On With The Show

Ask just once and you receive
Best watch what you’re fishing for
On that short road to ecstasy
Made the move that sets you flying free

In that corner, Rebecca and Roshanne
Nodding and talking, feeling the clench
And they’re lookin’, lookin’ to give a glad hand
They gotta pay that monkee man

It’s a trip in the palm of your sweaty hand
Open wide, let that slide on down start the ride
New heights, new hells, all right there for the taking
So the good stone starts, rolls on up your insides

Stepped up, hopped on, keep on spiraling round
Next time in that fix you add a little mix
Open up that chamber, let the brown bullet load
In a main vein, the good times reign

Thinkin’ aint a trip you let yourself take
Acid yet to have you running the litmus test
New lines laid down, easy to fall in and drown
Insides start churning, turning the up side down

Movin’ on down to a corner view, lost in your own moans
One for feeling crummy, two for the nose so runny
But now its three and you know by four you’re gonna need more
Ashes from stashes, dusted to encrusted, your life’s dreams, busted

G.R. Hambley ©
January 25, 2015

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