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Diatribolical or My Head It’s Been A Day!

Diatribolical or My Head It’s Been A Day!

It has been a day. As yet I’m not certain what kind of day. When I know I’ll keep it to myself. You don’t want to know. Trust me, it’s easier this way, for all of us. Easier because it could lead me to going diatribolical.

Diatribolical is one of my own words and I’ll have the definition out for you shortly. Got a couple more of my own words to define as well.
pronounced – (die a try ball i cull)

I was checking in online today to see what was going on with family and friends. Adding a note here, leaving a chortle there, wreaking havoc and making heads shake and eyes roll everywhere. It’s just me being me and having fun.

I did a couple of those online play tests while I was out there.

This nonsense has got to stop! The cyber machine shrinks is getting way more clever than the human ones.

I’m not allowed to play with Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Divinity Students because I break them. But that’s a whole other story. How I’m going to blow up the circuits of the machine brains I do not know. When I figure that out I’ll have it out to you as well!

I foresee a bad, bad night for me. I’m seeing in my highly fertile imagination the trailer of the coming motion picture nightmare. It will be a freak show combination of The Terminator, The Matrix and Videodrome!

Anyone know if Skynet has been launched yet?

I want to know who decided that the 10 of Hearts represents what they the amorphous cyber ones say it represents. Not a question! Own up, now!

Yeah I am real good with the 4 letter word those cyber ones say I am. Still I do wonder how they put the criteria together from the selections I made.

What Playing Card You?

You’re the 10 of hearts!
You’re a survivor! The 10 of hearts represents triumph over many difficulties. You’re resilient, down to earth, responsible and mature. You’ve overcome a lot in life, especially recently, and all of your experiences have left you with an open, feeling heart and endless compassion. You don’t judge, you listen. You see life for what it really is, and you’re not afraid of the harsh reality that life can sometimes bring. You’re socially responsible and have a sincere passion for those around you. .

What 4 Letter Word Are You

You are cool as a cucumber and have a sense of confidence that is enviable. You don’t try to hard to be awesome, it just comes naturally to you. People can count on you for a good laugh and you’re always down to try new things and go on adventures. Despite how cool you are, you still manage to stay humble and do good things for other people.

I’m also having to define the role of a New Age Archangel. Times are tough in Heaven too. They have their own economic downturn. Again, have that out to you real soon!

G.R. Hambley
January 28, 2015

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