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Quoth Me #3

Quoth Me #3

We who love the word, we don’t get to decide what our power lines or impact moments are. That is decided for us by those that really read what we have to say and move the word on.

All of us who write, impact is what we hope to achieve. We want to impact our readers with our tales and points of view. If you’re writing and not looking to make the impact it’s probably a manual or reference material. Not to denigrate the writers of those materials who for the most part do a wonderful job.

Power and Impact lines, I know I have them because people have told me so.

Like everyone I’m also struck by the lines I read. Lines that trigger an immediate in mind response. Lines that can stand alone and resonate in the context of the piece.

I’ve also told those whose lines have slapped my attention fully awake that they moved me.

This is one of those lines that stuck struck me recently and the individual who wrote it was told about it. I’ve run this line by a few people and the responses that have been returned to me have all come with conscience. “With defiance we challenge Every absolute”   You can find the whole piece with the link. An absolutely wonderful piece of poetry.

My own poetry analyzed by yours truly, its edgier, grittier, a word in the right place is worth a thousand pictures. That’s what I’m going for. The stick it in and leave it in, I’m all for it. That said I don’t get to say what the killer line is in what I wrote. Sure I got favourites of mine that are mine.

For all of you and for all of us I humbly suggest and request you keep this one close to your heart and mind and move it on! I believe it. I live it. I move it on. I am honoured and duty bound to do so. The link takes you to a wiki about the writer.
You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.

There are more. There will be more. Yours, mine and ours together will empower all the lovers of the word with what the word can do.

G.R. Hambley
February 13, 2015

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