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It’s A Cultural Thing

I play one game on the web. It’s modelled after RISK

Had some chatter going back and forth with a player in Barrie, Ontario. This is how it went.

So shoot me for the typo … I was doing Bob FRICKIN’ Cratchit huddled over his desk yesterday … -41 with wind chill … that aint a temperature its frickin’ Alberta

Friend SAID:
LOL ya try -44 in barrie ont

Every good Torontonian, of which I am one, knows in Barrie -44 is the IQ average not a temperature.

We know none of you like us and the feeling is mutual.

And if you start with me … I’ll send you the Maple Leafs and take the Colts away!

Friend SAID: your just cruel

Canadian Culture, Yup we are about the weather and hockey. Both of which we can make of fun of. An in the family sort of thing. As for anyone else making fun, and remember Canada is at the top of the world. Also remember that one thing of the three things plumbers know and this thing runs down hill, we Canucks would be happy to ship to you in abundance if you aggravate us in the middle of frickin’ winter!

Now if you’ll excuse me there are pancakes to be eaten and then I got a rodent to find and enlighten. If I gotta go down the hole after him to get my point across, works for me!


2 responses to “It’s A Cultural Thing

  1. Sister Madly February 17, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    I know people who aspire to a -44 IQ.

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