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Artistic Discipline, Mine

Artistic Discipline, Mine

All things require discipline. All disciplines have their own tools and style.

I saw something that got me going on this piece. A little background on yours truly might be helpful and informative as I work in to this piece. For me everything is a piece. Family hour here, lighten up.


Why because I am a Craftsman. I am a Smithy. A Tin Smith by trade. I’ve been out of the trade for a very long time but being out of the trade so many years hasn’t changed my mentality 1/1000th of an inch. I still got it and I still use it. The lessons, methods and style don’t get lost and are useful in other endeavours.

There is a style of poetry that is my favourite. I love the style for its discipline and provocative nature. You not only have to feel your way through but you have to think your way through as well. This poetic style is definitive. You have “X” amount of space to create “Y” the finished piece. The style doesn’t allow for deviation. The style doesn’t allow you to run on. This poetic style has a definitive way to begin and an equally definitive way to end. You must work, feel and think within that box. That specific box is a choice I made for myself a long time ago.

Do I step outside of my favourite box? Yes I do and enjoy my time outside in what I see as Free Verse composition.

The informative pieces I write that fall in to the coaching discipline are a different style but still disciplined. Some may argue it is a discipline I created for myself and they’d be only partially correct. I am a creative so I best be modifying the tools I need if the ones available don’t exist or fit my style. I don’t see the need to reinvent the wheel. Modifying the wheel’s performance sometimes needs done so I do it and when done, it is still a wheel.

Photography and Digital Art, same thing, there are boundaries. Digital Art from Photography, yeah I can do stuff in Photoshop you couldn’t disprove in court. You can be outrageous as you like! Should your outrage not fit the eyes of the beholders you’ll be the only one looking at the works.

Use the box because it has the instructions on it.
Use discipline.
Use the wonderful imagination you have.
Have Fun !!!

G.R. Hambley
February 18, 2015

I agree with this statement as you’ve seen. You make your in and out of the box decisions for yourself.

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