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Not Having A Good Day!

Not Having A Good Day!

Most things are just pissing me off to almost no end today. Sit down with my coffee and my cookie and drop the damn cookie. The 5 second rule is nonsense. It hit the ground and it was trash. My big chocolate chunk cookie with one little bite out, gone!

Well I guess that could have been worse. Could have been the coffee in my lap!

My fingers are to close to my hands today. Cubital Tunnel. I’m a 6 finger typist to begin with but I also use the left side of the keyboard a lot. I use it to move around because it is faster than going to my rodent. Of course it is my left hand where the cubital is. On days like this it isn’t that bad having only one properly working digit on my left hand. Would you care to guess which one that is?

A while back I posted up in to the WordPress help forum. Thank you to the individual who helped. My issue is a “LIKE” placed on one of my pages by an individual who’s user name and penning’s are what I consider puerile. I see items like that and it makes me wild. I doubt the individual really likes what I wrote and are just using my page or any page to try and drive traffic to their own pages.

I moderate the comments as most of you do. We have the ability to edit the comments on our pages too. I have never done that and never will. I have disallowed one comment. Tracing the one who left that comment lead me in to some email site that has spy in the name and is essentially as I see it a cover for the cowardly and the agitators. Feel free to substitute disturber for agitator.

I’m moving away from something and doing what I can to make it easier for others. An activity not work. I had to tell them to play nice. I’m not pleased!

This is also the busy time of the month for me. Yes many will say month end any month is busy. Yes I agree but my busy isn’t your busy and yours isn’t mine. Because of the nature of some of what I do, this is the time of the month where more people want to talk to me.

On the bright side I was just handed free coffee as a thank you for previous services rendered. Never look a gift of caffeine in the mouth. put it in your mouth not your lap! In truth it was a thank you for something I did in the past and it ties to this posting. I still do things I was doing there and I enjoy it. It is always difficult and at times it is incredibly frustrating. When I count up the rewards, as I see the rewards, what I’ve done with some sunken ones is very high on my list.

I’ve also got to get a room of my own house in order right quick! Physician heel thy self thing, I think, maybe. Fortunately I know where to get good help.

Probably time I moseyed my rocky tail along. My late lunch is done and there is an individual pontificating within earshot and far from completely correctly using pieces of something I’m very well versed in.

Knowing when to speak and when to be quiet, I can do that. I preach and teach that.

G.R. Hambley
February 26, 2015


2 responses to “Not Having A Good Day!

  1. parispoems February 26, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    I love how you wrote this, rather poetic whether by design or not 👏👏 sorry about your cookie
    My day started stressful but has slowly improved
    I suggest a glass of wine, can’t wait for mine
    Xx Paris

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    • grhambley February 26, 2015 at 5:14 pm

      Thank you Paris! White Chocolate Macadamia Nut was okay but it just aint up there with the one I dropped.

      The writing, just telling a story. I’m not downplaying, just relating on the page pretty close to how I’d relate voice.

      Thanks for the wine offer … I don’t drink except for a couple cerveza if I go for Mexican food … geez could you imagine if I did drink! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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