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FrickUary 2015

FrickUary 2015

FrickUary is done. Well it is the last day so close enough. Said it a couple days ago in my “The World Turned Over” piece we were coming out of it and it wouldn’t be long. We should be in plus numbers on the thermometer by Tuesday. A 20 degree change upward on the “C” scale yeah that’s sweet

I’m sure I’d be hearing some serious whining coming out of Florida if it went up the same amount, from say oh 85 to 121. What’s that you say? Your ass is pan fried to your car seat? Damn shame. But on the bright side, that hemorrhoid problem should no longer be any kind of issue!

This has been the coldest February in this City’s history. It has indeed been a tough one on all of us. In honour of all of us who’ve gone through it and come out for the most part with a reasonably good humour I’ve made a decree. I’ve decided that the year 2015 in the annals of this great City’s history shall not have a February recorded. Instead we shall forever know it as, “FrickUary”.

Yes I bounced the “FrickUary” off a few people before deciding to go with it. One individual suggested, “FridegeUary” but it just wasn’t forceful enough to convey my disdain for what this, the second month of 2015 in Toronto has been like!

Now that I’ve had my brief rant, the real point of this piece is coping skills. It was not a good month and this individual came through it in a better shape than he would. Better than he would have expected had he been informed prior to the extreme cold happening that it was going to happen!

I’ve made statements regarding my ailments. Part of what works for me in the coping department is in putting out for others to see the things that have worked for me. As I say about my poetry I say about what I write here. If you can take something from it that you can use great and if you do not find anything that is helpful to you, that is okay too.

I do not prescribe to the, “well if I can do it anyone can do it” school of thought. I do prescribe to finding what works and sticking with it. My way for me doesn’t involve much more than some acetaminophen on the pharmaceutical side. That is my choice for me for a few reasons. Most importantly to me, for me, is to not have my mind clouded. This brain is addled enough coping with the Seasonal Affective Disorder, among other things.

Got some help with the S.A.D. late in January. Lots of Vitamin D along with B Complex, Zinc and Magnesium. The mind is in better shape. More cognizant, more aware and that has made me more aware of the arthritis.

So while I’m functioning better in one way it is worse in another. FrickUary being what it was, I’m highly aware of the places that ache and just how much so. I’ll take this over the befuddled anytime. My choice, I could back off the things that made the change and revert to a less cognizant state for less physical pain but, no.

I gave, on every day of this month my whole 100%. The rah rah sis boom bah ones who are firmly and fully behind driving you to giving 110% can kiss my rocky tail. One of my ailments is the constant feeling of having a rock in one of my cheeks. No not one of the cheeks Grandma pinches. Well at least I hope she’s not pinching those cheeks! Mother Goose is freaky enough thank you very much. Most days this month that rock in my tail has been the size of New York and I don’t mean the city!

All you have is 100%. There is no more and no less. On some days my 100% exceeds my norm and some days that 100% is less than my norm. We all have days where we are off or just aint got it to give and that is not the same as putting off, procrastinating or being in a snit. If you at the end of your day can reflect and say you gave your whole hundred, then well done!

Sun is out, temp is up a bit and I know where to find good coffee and a cookie with my name on it. Y’all feel free to go enjoy the same if that is something that works for you. If it doesn’t, I’m sure if you look hard enough you will find something that does work for you!

FrickUary 28, 2015


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