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Real Time

Real Time

Insistent footsteps, tiptoeing on gentle imagination
Drifting freely, sliding down in to soft haze
Yellow flowered field for two, delightful destination
Lazy moments, senses completely alive, the shy gaze
Lift the soul, left to roam where it’s not been before
Interwoven fingers, beginning threads in a new tapestry
Crazy you, crazier me, two who’d closed that living door
Magnificent madness, resplendent with delicious agony
Ages old, hearts dreams only go to those so bold
Destiny forged, made with care where the forks begin
Never more, ever more, joining in rhymes took its hold
Eye to sky, committing came thoughtless and without whim
Set on with intention, all the good red roads to Heaven’s Gate
Speak the words, wave goodbye to fate, a kiss consummates the mate

G.R. Hambley ©
March 01, 2015

It had been some time since I’d done a Sonnet. I’ve never been one to rhyme much. Always found rhyming to be to greeting card for my writing taste. I did stay within the rhyme scheme and….

The octets were swiftly met.
The tercets almost drove me to turrets.


3 responses to “Real Time

  1. motherhendiaries April 22, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    Very nice! I shall have to investigate the firm of sonnet. My poems are entirely freeform, since, like you, I find the sing song rhythm of rhyme riddled with difficulty….

    Liked by 1 person

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