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From Inside Out

From Inside Out

Wounds, welts, buried in furthest recesses, closed to prying eyes
Eternally shut, folded inward, fester, feed upon the self
Raw silent rage, nail imprinted palms, blood drips
Encrusted, stained, gnawed pierced lips, blood runs
Tormented, lash marks festering in psyche’s deepest dungeon

Held captive, hostage heart beats corrosion through icy veins
Eyes blinded to the flesh rotting from the inside out
Insatiable cancers feeding greedily upon bone marrow
Nerves inflamed, agony from below, unreachable from above
Steady decay, gangrenous maggot filled sores appear, run green

Incessant ravage, pieces die, fall away unnoticed
Drip becomes deluge, pieces become chunks
Essence of life fleeing, host refusing to give credence
Oppressed functions accompanied by mindless gibberish
Unconscious venting fails purpose, putrid stench remains

Toxic internal disease escapes, spores of evil erupt into space
Suspended, horrendous deadly still life hung above carnage
Indeterminable damage set in motion by Satan’s heated laugh
Decimated putrid carcass left lifeless, parasitic fodder
Evil unleashed, freed to infect, all from one pure being, broken

G.R. Hambley 06/2000 ©


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