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Yeah it’s a day, mmmmmmmmm good!

Yeah it’s a day, mmmmmmmmm good!

Clocks went ahead last night. I got up at the same time but different. What that means is I didn’t move my clocks ahead and when I got up it was an hour later but not. The logic doesn’t have to work for you cuz it’s all about me and what works for me.

Made my meandering way to coffee through my mostly sleeping city and so enjoyed the walk. Didn’t need my Toque or Hot Paws, aka my hat and gloves. Damn it felt good! Yeah it’s off and rolling and I just know it will be one of those oh so good days.

Been puttering through the papers, sending off a few notes, contemplating some of my own writings for other purposes and just generally relaxing. I’m letting the world come and go by me and it’s a blast!

Got my weekly blast from the past happening too! It is “Psychedelic Psunday” and I got the radio station I like best playing. You can listen in with the link.

The sun is makin’ its way in, across my table and on to my hands and that feels great! I got the best table in the place too. The only one other than the big community table that doesn’t have a pedestal base. I don’t like the pedestal based tables because I can’t move or sit in a certain position as I need to. Always banging my knees on the damn pedestal because I need to shift frequently.

Had a couple things come down the email pipe that got me asking myself, “what the hell am I gonna do with that”. Terribly artsy is the result being asked for, among other things. I can help you out on the art, the other things not so much or at all.

Coffee Elves just brought me some muffin samples to try and they are yummy. The Elves were also evilly decadent last night. They have left behind something that looks suspiciously like a “Chocolate WOW”! Evil little freaks who don’t know that a waist is a terrible thing to mind because waist minding isn’t something the majik folk need to worry about! Evil and nervy. You do have to admire that in a Machiavellian kind of way.

Fred and Wilma, errrr William just went by my field of vision. They don’t seem to be speaking. Way too nice a day to be having hissy fits or any other kind of fit for that matter!

Fortunately for me when the world turned over my food switch also flipped. Don’t want or need as much. I love to eat and will. Thinking I need to go for a little lovely Mexican decadence and I know just where to find it in this wonderfully diverse city that I live in. And as if on cue, Badfinger’s “Come And Get It” plays on the radio. I’m gonna take the hint cuz when “The Fates” talk I will listen and then decide!

Y’all enjoy your day as much as I’m going to enjoy the 30 minute walk in the sunshine and the tamales I’m headed for!

G.R. Hambley, March 08, 2015

Theme song for today and most days, “Doug And The Slugs”.

5 responses to “Yeah it’s a day, mmmmmmmmm good!

  1. Sister Madly March 9, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    I want tamales!

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