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Never Enough

Never Enough

As it was always told, shown, deeply learned, what would always be
Less than a few, less than some, less than many, less than any
Wailing inside in silent despair, wailing outside with accompanying tears
Asking, asking and asking of myself and those that said, why? what? How?

Yesterdays slowly turning, falling, spiraling down into yesteryears
Same sad song seared into consciousness by those that matter most
Same sad heart’s lament reprises over and over the insidious choirs chorus
Eschewing the words of all those that rose up to denounce the choir

Crumbling a little more, cracks kept filled by a beautiful smile
Old lessons keep reverberating in what is a beautiful mind
Needle sticks over and over and over again to a beautiful heart
Doubting must not continue to fester in such a beautiful soul

Beliefs long learned take oh so much longer to dispel, discard, demolish
Each day in oh so many ways those that do just love shine back light
Stepping from what was never true, realizing what the truth has always been
The insight widens the smile, beautiful and never to be never enough again

G.R. Hambley ©
July 11, 2013


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