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Take it away, if even for only a minute, an hour, take it away
How many more intrusions, how many more assaults
Each one more grating, more invasive than the one before
Recoiling, there’s no where to turn, no where to go

Every tick of time reverberates longer, louder, more profane
Isolate me, sensory deprive me, I invite it, I’d relish it
So take me away, never bring me back from the peace
No noise but what I make for myself is my piece of heaven

Outside, hookers hail, addicts ask, sirens scream
Stop asking me, stop telling me, just stop, now
Inside is no better, televisions babble, voices rise, clatter claims all
Let me be, let me go, let me alone, now

Each and every day, anxiety rises higher, tolerance sinks lower
Never one to spontaneously combust, the fuse is lit
Crawling and hissing its way to inevitable conclusion
Early warnings issued, you don’t wanna be there when this nuke goes off

G.R. Hambley ©
14, March, 2014

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