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Rudy’s Gang

Rudy’s Gang With Musing

This piece ties to a few others of mine. I wrote it after some observations. This one, like a couple others was turning critical rather than observational so I turned it around. The self discovery was that it is sometimes easier and better to immerse yourself in the piece rather than stand outside looking in.

My piece “Sunken” is also observational and done as first person personal. I brought it that route because three times I went back to square one and the piece kept coming out as a criticism of individuals with an affection I do not have. I wasn’t critical and wasn’t judgmental then, before then, or now. I was stuck and needed a way to tell the story.

Another of mine here that relates to my time with a certain entity that ties directly to “Rudy’s Gang” is “Ta Ta For Now or Ta Ta For Ever”.

Because of the nature of the parting of the ways, I have kept this piece of poetry under wraps. With the parting of an individual from the entity I’m once again amenable to the piece being used by the entity. Something very good went very bad, very quickly, because of a serious lack of communication and one individuals belief that they were absolutely right.

Beyond that, there are three people who will never speak to each other, ever.

Despite not doing Outreach I still work with a few individuals and do miss the stories!

The story of how this piece got its name is a story for another time.


Rudy’s Gang

Aged men, disparaged, disenfranchised, disempowered, mostly alone
Not many blame any but themselves
I’m the same, and like them, own what brought us here
Sure there are a few that keep running the barge up the river of denial

Lives went south and not for holiday
A few hold fast to making a better life
Never say never is something I hold fast
Day after dreary day we visit a small sanctuary to pass our time

On occasion the usual camaraderie is dispelled with temper
For some it is the only passion they have retained
Most enjoy the company of their peers and the banter that ensues
In some instances real friendships are formed

Some of us won’t quit, some of us already have
Fear seems to be nonexistent in this place we share
I think it is because there is nothing left to fear down here
Time is the only real enemy because there is just to much of it.

Brave faces on braver souls in concert with the false bravado of a few
Only those who live it know which is which
Yet we all manage to coexist here
Sorry and thankful that we have somewhere at all

G.R. Hambley ©
November 2013


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