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One of my comments – 001

One of my comments – 001
A response to National Poetry Writing Month

I made this comment on a blog post regarding Natonal Poetry Writing Month.
I’m thinking at this stage of, “NaPoWriMo” we’d all be better off coupling with someone and tying the can to everything else for and about NaPoWriMo!

This was the response.
Feeling a little stressed, are we? 😉

I responded back with this.
Not at all. Currently no one has been able to tell me when, “Just Shut The Hell Up Day” is.

This one came about from someone deciding every day is a day and wanting to PUSH at you.

This piece, the beginnings go back 20 years. PUSH technology. How do you feel when you go in to a store and get asked for your email address? How do they try make you feel when you say no? We want PULL and the marketing, retailing, et al want PUSH. You maybe feel like a creature in Dr. Dolittle?

We aren’t wired for this. There are now information overload detox facilities.

I will not be Jacked In!


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