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Making My Way (lyric)

This is actually my 3rd lyric piece The 2nd one you’ve already seen and that is “Closing Time“. The first Lyric I wrote was written over a year ago and in the moment although it is visible, I’m just going to leave it where it currently lies.

There is a 4th lyric as well. A collaboration, a marriage between a piece I wrote and a piece someone else wrote. We aren’t sure when or if that one will show up here. A joint effort with consideration by both for a one person veto.

In the moment, enjoy

Making My Way

Walking round and round that house of tells
Your voice comes calling out in the dark
Heard you sayin’ it’d be right for this old heart
Summoning up the courage to go kneel out my hells
Gonna go on in, can’t hurt and there’s so much to lose
Through the doors, reading all that stained glass news

Save me, can you save me? save me from what’s got me
Save me, you can save me? save me from what’s to see!

Came here before, to long ago to remember when
Pages reaching out from your bent and broken books
Tombs filled with the tomes of those who wouldn’t look
Tracts leading down, don’t want to be in those with them
Story told, in time might set this free, resolve is bending
Demon ways, long out of control, mind starts trembling

Want me, can you want me? want me knowing I don’t come clean
Want me, you can want me? want me knowing what I’ve been

Plans of being something else to talk about all went wrong
All the choices that could of lead to different places
Turned away from those that could of helped find other spaces
Everything turned crazy, didn’t take very long
Now it’s getting so close to the very end
Wondering can this be enough to make amends

Take me, can you just take me? take me cuz it wasn’t really fun
Take me, you can just take me? take me cuz now it’s really done

No more making fun

Now it’s just all done

Save me, Want me, Take me, Before I run again

G.R. Hambley ©
March 17, 2015


2 responses to “Making My Way (lyric)

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  2. Adam Retana November 18, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    This is so beautiful. I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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