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The Ending

The Ending

Against all better judgment the heart allowed to rule
Caring enough to kiss away the tears of dismay
A gift held up, held out, that was selfishly used and abused
Echoes of truth are not truth, just remnants of what was

One promise, then another and another given
Take care of forsaking this for such will be our death
In what was there are lingering resentments for both
Excuses are for the past, in the past, what was, was

Hand in hand we freely walk together our new path
Looking joyously with love to that which we will forever share
All the hurdles, blocks, impasses and upsets willingly taken
Road to a better understanding, appreciation, delight begun

Day time walks and talks of the way things will be
The night making love in our candle lit lair where none intrude
Soft touches, slow caresses, deep wet kisses
Sinking firm flesh in to soft flesh,
savouring the shared small death

Every small step taken a joyous one
Doubting by each, of each, has faded like sunset
Faith being put to its necessary test looms, it hangs silently tonight
On to bed, on to holding each other tight, on to holding on

Morning of the part time parting breaks, heat oppressive on heart, soul, smile
Under the morning sun, sorting, thinking, pieces to take, pieces to stay
Noon passes high, afternoon no delight, should’ve been just thee and me
Killing time together in mostly quiet, nothing else to say or do but wait

Polka dot passions, now slightly crumpled, put temporarily away
Like it or not, got to go, time to go back to go forward
It’s a known, next time we see each other we’ll never part
Not that fears were not made known in the parting moments, left alone to wait

Talking across the miles, across the borders, across a line
East of home, this reality so very far west of an others truth
Something asked for, something for peace, “I’m busy” was sent instead
Utterly startled, very disappointed, it was known why what was wanted mattered so

Small signs, large questions, denials, deference’s, deflections
The princess state of mind displayed with insulting frequency
Actions and conducts and just who’s fiancee are you again
Ring on, ring off, ring on a chain, ring in a box

Suns coming up, time to make the wake her up call
Hearing excuses, refusing to bend, asking the question of no return
Unbelievable, not that the answer to cheating again was yes yes yes
The unforgivable, making hate where none existed, goodbye, forever

G.R. Hambley ©
September 2013 – February 2014

If you need a tune to go with this rendition of mine, try this one.

It was made known to me with great delight that the letter that was sent had massive shock waves. Those shocks didn’t have to happen either. All you have to do is keep schtum.


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