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Etheral – sonnet with art


a sonnet

The art piece was done in the late 90’s.
I call the piece, “Spectral Beauty”.

window002moonStorm clouds gathering slowly, steadily, hot summer night
Pushing in on, over the others, patches of moonlight
Eerie, ominous, air electric surrounds, heard as much as felt
Crawling on the flesh, whisper a breeze lest charged skin melt
Thunder beats, echoes, rolling, bowing the heather plain
Rain mysteriously hangs, suspended below forming frame
Angry billows clash, circle, swirl, above the turmoil, Luna’s mirth
Lightning brilliantly bolting in chains from heaven to earth
Brought to ground, exploded ozone, scent lingering
Enervating, visceral, wanting to believe with a whole heart
As time stands still, shape takes form in front of shadow
Unreal, surreal, drifting along the path of moon’s beaming
Those days of nights remembering the promise of never part
You, here, lovely, lovingly, watching, smiling through window

G.R. Hambley ©
June 02, 2015


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