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Mr Sideshow

Mr Sideshow

Q. What is the difference between advertising in your local paper or on a local radio station and in a national paper or on national television?

A. The Scope.

Q. Are the objectives the same?

A. Yes.

Something in the sideshow market and that is to my mind, my perception, has been coming across my scope of vision lately. I have some ideas about that as well. This poetry ties to other pieces of mine. A Slice of Life of a Life Coach and Ta Ta For Now or Ta Ta Forever.

Mr Sideshow

Way down anywhere isn’t much different than way up anywhere
There are a few who will search out those that can be preyed on
Real value is determined by how much can be got to what must return
Every huckster has there charming, disarming sell
So give em’ some of your dough and lets get on with this show

Shuffle and the first card gets played on the money-go-round
“Can you loan me some cash for a couple of days”
With a glad handing grin and an eye for your pocket
“I’ll make sure it’ll get it back on time cuz others owe me”
Ask on the day of return and the excuses go round starts up

Any time soon, maybe tomorrow, the next day for sure
Little dribs and drabs of what’s owed start to return
Bit more than actual that was returned is the predatory math
Some more working of the math as more days pass don’t help
Each little bit that returns the math gets worse

User user parasite and abuser a leach and learn lesson for all
Sure sure, he’s your friend so it aint him you gotta watch out for
In his game he shouts out on others noting where they have blame
Soon the realization that he’s just protecting his mark not you
This trip around you’ve come out shorter but not enough to fight about

What went around, it is now time for it to come around
With the same self serving spin, you as a good friend he’ll win
Output is not the whole but in dribs and drabs
Pushing up his total and remembering it as more later
Last of the agreed finally doled out just soon enough

He knows how the money cycle goes round and round
Day to repay him comes and he’s on you like a fly on….. money
You want to get him paid in the moment so you’re clear of the go round
He asks for only most as a favour to you so the hook is still there
His go round math keeps turning and the decision it’s time to get off

His memory is convenient and that’s no surprise
Showing up just to rob Peter so he can pay Paul
Disappearing for days on end as the hounds close in
He’s in need and shows up to lean on you to help fuel the go-round
You say no and now you’re the bad guy in his corrupted eye

He even takes one more stab with his convoluted math
Refute and point to where he fell down
Where the smoke didn’t blow doesn’t please Mr. Sideshow
With a snide remark he flees out the door
Glad he’s gone and that the go-round is done

G.R. Hambley ©
An older piece


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